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Our beautiful Irish Collection have been hand crafted to bring a piece of Ireland into your home. So, weather you're living away from home and missing Ireland or perhaps you holidayed in Ireland and fell in love or even if you've never been to Ireland but long for the Emerald Isle, The Irish Collection will bring a piece of Ireland to you. 


One of the freshest and subtlest scents in our Irish Collection, Irish Mountain Heather will transport you to the stunning vistas of Ireland. Ancient mountains and woodland with a thousand stories to tell covered in Irish heather,  Moss and wild flowers. Light the candle and come hike the hills with us.

A rich intoxicating scent of Irish heather enhanced by notes of bergamot, blue cypress and precious woods.


Think hiking the windswept Irish mountains with breathtaking views of Ireland. 

Irish Mountain Heather

  • Net Weight 270g 

    Burn Time - Approx - 45hrs

    Please Note Burn Time is dependant on wick type. 

    Presented in a beautiful Single Gift Box or A Wonderful Triple Pack Filled With 3 Iconic Irish Scents

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